CHS All-State Camp / Vam Camp / Charms for New Choir Members!

Good afternoon,

I hope you all are really enjoying your summer!  We are so excited to have you in choir at CHS!  Here are some very important bits of information:

1.  CISD All-State Choir Camp – If you have not signed up for our FREE CISD All-State Choir Camp (which is August 15-18 from 4-9 PM), take a second and sign up at  All singers will need to either attend the All-State Camp or plan to come after school the first week of school to be sized for their uniforms, so come on to camp!!

2. [For new choir members] Charms Registration – Complete this form to help us get you in the CHS Choir Booster Database for communication for the upcoming year.

3. VAM Camp – Vam Camp for 3rd-8th graders is one of the best fundraisers we have for the CHS Choir Program.  The more kids we have register, the more it will help to keep costs low for the year.  Take some time to share the information with your friends and family by email or social media! –

 Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

Joshua Brown

Director of Choirs

Coppell High School

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