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A Cappella – Quiz at the beginning of class TOMORROW

A Cappella folks,

Thanks to Sajani, Haven and Sanjeev for submitting responses!  I have also added some comments myself!
There will be a quiz at the beginning of class tomorrow to ask you what you have learned from Dr. Rohwer and your colleagues spoken and written comments.  Make sure you are prepared.
See you tomorrow!
Have a great evening.
Mr. B

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Recordings/Comments from Performance – Share your thoughts!

A Cappella Choir Folks,

Thank you for a fantastic first performance on Thursday.  I am so proud of where we are at in our journey!  Click on the link below to share any thoughts with the choir that we were not able to share because we ran out of time:
Click the link below to hear the recordings again from Thursday night!
Also in the folder is Dr. Rohwer’s comments.
ALL CHOIR MEMBERS are required to read his comments AND the comments submitted by choir members before Monday.  There may be a quiz at the beginning of class to ensure you have done this!
If you have any questions, please let me know.  Enjoy your weekend and get some rest!
Mr. B
Joshua Brown
Director of Choirs
Coppell High School

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A Cappella SWACDA PreConcert 1 Details

A Cappella Singers and Parents,

Check out the link below to view the details for the concert for Thursday night.  It is hard to believe that we have our first public performance on our SWACDA Music in just two days!
Please read this information and let us know if you have any questions.
Joshua Brown
Director of Choirs
Coppell High School

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SWACDA Performance Free Admission

Dear A Cappella Parents,

Some of you who are NOT planning to chaperone the trip to Kansas City may plan to attend our concert in the Kauffman Center Helzberg Hall on March 10 at 11:30 AM.  I have a limited amount of free admission to our concert.   Complete the form below by 2/26/16 to be added to our list.  We will contact you if we are able to provide you a ticket.
Let me know if you have any questions!
Joshua Brown
Director of Choirs
Coppell High School

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CHS Solo Contest Results

Congrats to everyone who performed at the CHS Solo Contest.  We are thrilled to announce that we have six Outstanding Performers, 40 1st Division Ratings (Superior) and 16 Second Division (Excellent) Ratings.


Jacob Barnes

Melissa Cannon

Mihira Gore

Almira Rajwani

Timothy Sanchez

Brady Schneider

First Last Score
Allysa Garza 1
Janane Tan 1
Esha Ellendula 1
Natasha Shibu 2
Neha Dharmapuram 1
Kristin Killgo 1
Jacob MacKenna 2
Simran Jamwal 2
Aaron Sheets 1
Jacob Barnes 1
Adaku Ngwu 1
Rhea Mehta 1
Timothy Sanchez 1
Arezue Shakeri 1
SarahKate Lookabaugh 1
Katherine Gutierrez 2
Sai Hardiker 2
Xavier Brown 2
Lilly Crowley 1
Kate Hohfeler 1
Melissa Cannon 1
Evan Barnes 1
Yessica Chong 1
Ko’a Moe TBD
Melody Shen 1
Carol Varghese 1
Audrey Samaras 1
Brandon Cox 2
Ritvik Regulapati 2
Ali Ozymy 1
Andrew Hatanpaa 1
Aatman Singh 2
Sidhartha Medapati 1
Pryce Wensel 1
Matthew Naranjo 1
Karvi Bhatnagar 1
Reagan Dunn 1
Mihira Gore 1
Kayla Madureira 1
Almira Rajwani 1
Divya Ruikar 1
Brady Schneider 1
Gautam Sapre 1
Priyanka Srivastava 1
Kriti Gautam 2
Jia Jari 2
Rayna Magesh 2
Sanjeev Penupala 1
Reece Cowdrey 2
Karis Thomas 2
Lajuan West 2
Sneha Bhatia TBD
Sushma Penupala 1
Jessica Rust 1
Meryl Xiong 1
Kk Moe TBD

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I am happy that we got all the way through the program today.  We will do that tomorrow as well.  Way to go to all the section leaders who helped make the transitions work.
Monday – 2/22 – 4:15 to 6 PM
Tuesday – 2/23 – 4:15 to 6 PM
We will also call rehearsals as needed between now and SWACDA on any open Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays from 4:15 to 6 PM, so make arrangements to not miss.
Looking forward to hear our improvements!
Mr. B
Joshua Brown
Director of Choirs
Coppell High School

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A Cappella Parent Information

A Cappella Parents,

As our performances near, we want to share with you these updates:
1. We need one adult chaperone from 4 to 9 pm to go with the choir to the performance next Thursday. If you are available, please email me back as soon as possible.
2. We have a MANDATORY parents meeting about our Kansas City Trip on March 7 at 6 PM in the Lecture Hall where we will share our itinerary and answer any questions about the trip.
3. See attached poster that you can share about our concerts.
Let us know if you have any questions.  Have a great day!
Joshua Brown
Director of Choirs
Coppell High School

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