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Important CHS Choir Information – PLEASE READ

Dear Choir Parents and Students,


If your student is not going on the Pre-AP/AP Science Birdwatching field trip, please disregard this email.


On Thursday March 6, the CHS Choir Department will be hosting the Texas Music Educators Association Vocal Vice President, Ms. Dinah Menger, a professor of music at Baylor University.  This has been on your calendar for months and is a day of incredible hard work and growth for our students.  Many of our students have an optional field trip they must pay for on that day for their science class to go birdwatching.  We have spoken with people at CHS and have confirmed that it is indeed an optional trip and choosing to not participate WILL NOT affect their academic standing in that course.  There are a number of groups not participating on this trip due to school events that day and science teachers have told students if they have something important during school that they encourage them to stay at school.

All Biology teachers will receive a list of CHS Choir Students that are exempt from this field trip.

Due to this, we want to encourage your students to not participate in this field trip as this is a very important day for CHS Choirs.  Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you for your understanding!


Joshua Brown and Will McLean

Choral Directors

Coppell High School


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Orlando Trip Mandatory Meeting Next Tuesday

Dear Orlando Trip Participants and Parents,

A reminder that a Mandatory Trip Meeting will be on Tuesday, March 4 at 6:30 PM in the CHS Commons.  Each trip participant needs to have one parent with them at the meeting.  There will be some paperwork and information that needs to be completed.  Also, parents can ask us any questions about the trip.
Look forward to seeing you all there!
Joshua Brown
Director of Choirs
Coppell High School

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Vivace Rehearsal Tomorrow

Vivace men will meet tomorrow from 4-5 for dance in the Vivace room.

Joshua Brown
Director of Choirs
Coppell High School

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Respira Keller Contest Information

Dear Respira Parents and Students,

Our first competition is upon us tomorrow at Keller Central High School.  Click here for  the schedule for the competition.  Please be aware that this schedule is subject to change due to results of the preliminary round.  The girls perform first at 12:45 PM (Parents/Family Members are highly encouraged to come wearing their Respira Royalty Shirts by 12:30) and will possibly perform again that evening.  If they perform in the evening, students may be involved in the contest until 11 pm.  Reminder that students are responsible for coordinating their transportation home from this event.  
We are incredibly proud of them for their hard work!  You will be impressed.
Will McLean
Associate Director of Choirs
Coppell High School

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All State Choir Camp Information Available NOW

2014 All-State Choir Camp Information available now.  Check out our All-State Website for all the details!

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Madrigal Pre-Festival Concert TONIGHT


The Coppell High School Madrigals cordially invite you to tonight’s Madrigal Pre-Festival Concert at 7 PM in the Auditorium.  Admission is Free and the concert will feature choirs from Colleyville-Heritage, Arlington, Flowermound, Cedar Hill, Juan Sequin, and Booker T. Washington High School.  Come and hear some of the best choirs in the state tonight here at CHS!

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CHS Solo Contest Results

Congrats to the 68 Coppell High School and New Tech High School Singers who performed a solo at Today’s CHS Solo and Ensemble Competition.  Fifty-two soloists were awarded a 1st Division (or Superior) Rating, Twelve were awarded a 2nd Division (or Excellent) Rating.  Four other students participated.  Six singers were selected as Outstanding Soloists for their remarkable performances today.

Thanks to Jedda Jones who accompanied the vast majority of these students all evening long.  Thanks to our fantastic Voice Faculty – Carol Mulvey, Lauren Robertson, Alex Ross and Jedda Jones who helped prepare these singers.

Outstanding Performers

Ria Dua, Christian Hughes, Pam Mason, Robby Reyes, Claire Robinson, Ken Simmons

First Division

Layne Allen 1
Hannah Anthony 1
Andrea Arce 1
Alejandro Arroyo 1
Alec Bonds 1
Valerie Contreras-Gomez 1
Lilly Crowley 1
Soundarya Daliparthy 1
Allison Davis 1
Ria Dua 1
Sonja Feaster 1
Jaden Ferguson 1
Allysa Garza 1
Ana-Sofia Gonzalez 1
Lauren Harris 1
Jared Hernandez 1
Kate Hohfeler 1
Christian Hughes 1
Nile Hundley 1
Allie Judd 1
Joanne Jung 1
Sumika Kawai 1
Sravika Kayithi 1
Blair Kingsley 1
Divya Kolli 1
Stacey Kopinski 1
Shweta Krishnan 1
SarahKate Lookabaugh 1
Jia Lou 1
Deianna Madlambayan 1
Morgan Marcantel 1
Pam Mason 1
Jessica Melville 1
Lexi Muraga 1
Ali Ozymy 1
Victoria Rapp 1
Asha Reddy 1
Robby Reyes 1
Claire Robinson 1
Alex Romo 1
Adreesh Roy 1
Gian Salaum 1
Brianna Sansom 1
Adina Sigauke 1
Ken Simmons 1
Aubrie Sisk 1
Maggie Theel 1
Stephanie Tomasky 1
Sneha Ventakesh 1
Isabella Ventura 1
Alex Wessenberg 1
Aditi Mukund 1

Second Division

Jibi Bijumon 2
Abby Foster 2
Kristin Hodges 2
Sarah McConnell 2
Anjana Parashar 2
Lilli Pollard 2
Madiha Rehan 2
Jessica Rust 2
Emily Shrimpton 2
Linden Smith 2
Meghna Suresh 2
Zeba Tabassum 2


Stephen Bavosett, Ryan Dinh, Brennan Jackson, Jordan Moore

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