PreArea Audition Results

Coppell ISD will be represented by 12 singers and 5 alternates at the Area Audition at Midway High School in Waco.

Soprano 1
2nd Chair – Maha Haque
4th Chair – Masden Stribling
2nd Alternate – Melissa Cannon

Soprano 2
1st Alternate – Evana Flores

Alto 1
1st Chair – Winona Martin
3rd Chair – Megan Rich
4th Chair – Sajani Raja
5th Chair – Wesley Szalkowski

Alto 2
2nd Chair – Robyn Okereke
5th Chair – Victoria Kennedy
1st Alternate – Morgan Hobgood

Tenor 1
5th Chair – Daniel Kim

Bass 1
2nd Chair – Seth Robinson
4th Chair – Jay An
2nd Alternate – Mukund Kuntimad

Bass 2
3rd Chair – Dae Woo Namcung
1st Alternate – Josh Kim

Congrats to ALL who auditioned!!

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