Concert Uniform Information

Dear CHS Choir Parents and Students:

As our concert approaches, here is some information about uniforms that you need  to be aware of:

1. Uniform Pickup – If you need to pick up your tux (pants, jacket, shirt) or dress, please do so by Friday After School.  Payments needs to be made as soon as possible if you still owe for a uniform ($80 for new dress, and $15 for tux shirt).

2. Girls – All girls will be performing in their long formal dresses.  They need to have their own black flat, closed-toed shoes (similar to a ballet shoe).  No jewelry except for an optional one stud earring in each ear.

3. Boys – All boys will be wearing their tux shirt, pants and jacket.  They will will need to wear a black pair of dress shoes and black socks that they provide themselves.  No jewelry for men.

4. All singers must perform with a natural hair color.  Their hair needs to be out of their face so that they can see their director and each other (and so their parents can see their face).

Thanks for helping us make sure they look as professional as they sound!  We cannot wait for you to hear the beautiful sounds they have been making.

Joshua Brown
Director of Choirs
Coppell High School

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