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All-District Choir Audition Results

Congrats to these great students and all who performed today!!!

Soprano 1 Zone A
7th – Aparna Panatpur
8th – Masden Stribling
14th – Rita Katanjian
17th – Maggie Crosby

Sop 1 Zone B
1st – Sai Panguluri
7th – Robyn Okereke
8th – Melissa Cannon
11th – Sarah Shrimptom
16th – Maaike Goudy

Soprano 2 Zone A
2nd – Maha Haque
5th – Aubrey Kennedy
12th – Priya Desai
13th – Lillie Saunders

Soprano 2 Zone B
2nd – Michelle Pitcher
3rd – Jeanna Carlsson
10th – Jenna Bartley
11th – Evana Flores
14th – Sarah Robinson

Alto 1 Zone A
1st – Sarah McDowell
2nd – Winona Martin
10th – Morgan Hobgood

Alto 1 Zone B
1st – Wesley Szalkowski
2nd – Megan Rich
4th – Sajani Raja
6th – Maggie Boreham
7th – Sydney Land
10th – Bailey Farrell
16th – Erica Rohde

Alto 2
1st – Sarah Bauer
3rd – Jenna Hernandez
10th – Shelby Jurca
11th – Lindsey Hiles
16th – Victoria Kennedy
21st – Gabby Rouke
22nd – Jasmin John
33rd – Michelle Mayes

Tenor 1
26th – Zachary Scneider

Tenor 2
1st – Chris Richardson
5th – David Abraham
19th – John Loop
24th – Antonio Roman
25th – Jason Hong

Bass 1
9th – Jay An
12th – Mukund Kuntimad
14th – Seth Robinson
15th – Brad Melville
27th – Caleb Turner

Bass 2
1st – Zeb White
3rd – Josh Kim
15th – Dae Woo Namcung
16th – Patrick Valenski
17th – Harrison Holzer
23rd – Ben Varughese



Watch Here Tomorrow for District Choir Audition Results!!!

We hope to have the results up by 6 PM tomorrow.  We will send a link in a tweet.  You can text “Follow CoppellChoir” to 40404 to receive the tweet!  Good luck all participants!!

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Latest District Audition Information

Dear CHS Choir Parents,

We are thrilled that your student has chosen to represent Coppell High at tomorrow’s District Audition at DeSoto High School.  Here is some late minute information for you to review before we leave:

  1. The following students have submitted the required paperwork for them to leave the audition with their parents:
    1. Jeanna Carlsson
    2. Jenna Hernandez
    3. Jasmine John
    4. Alyssa Osterhout
    5. Kavina Pandya
    6. Naomi Phillips
    7. Michelle Pitcher
    8. Antonio Roman
    9. Zeb White

These students may pick up their cell phones and other electronic devices as they check out at the audition.  All other students will be returning to CHS on the bus at the conclusion of the audition. 

  1. Please make sure your student arrives to the CHS Choir Room by 6:30 am with original music.  NO COPIES!  CHS has NO extra copies and there is no way for students to borrow from other students at the competition.  They may bring breakfast with them but breakfast will NOT be provided.
  2. They should wear comfortable clothing (no jeans with holes in them and no shorts or flip flops).  They must follow the CISD Dress Code at this audition.
  3. A box lunch will be provided.
  4. We will return to CHS between 5:30 and 6 PM.  We will communicate by twitter and have students call when we are within 30 minutes of the school.
  5. You will be able to check to see the results as soon as the competition is over on our website under “news” at

We also attached a copy of the letter we set to you on Monday for additional information.  We are extremely proud of each of our students participating tomorrow and thank you for supporting them as they have worked on this music.

Joshua Brown

Director of Choirs

Instructor of Music Theory

Coppell High School


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Upcoming Parent Meetings

Madrigal Parent Meeting – September 25th – 7 PM Choir Room

Vivace Parent Meeting – October 2nd – 7 PM Choir Room

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More Information!!!

Choir Newsletter

District Audition Information – Information for students going on the District Audition

District Lunch Order Form – Fill this out if you are going to participate in the District Audition



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Madrigal Feast Drama Parts 2012

King – Domonique Phillips

Queen – Jenna Hernandez

Princess Arachne – Winona Martin

Princess Gabby – Maggie Boreham

Princess Barbie – Shelby Jurca

Bert – Ben Varughese

Mitchell – Brad Melville

Selena – Sai Panguluri

Town Crier – Chris Richardson

Courtiers – Zeb White, John Loop, Masden Stribling, Bailey Farrell

Wassail Boy – Zach Schneider

Your parts will need to be memorized by November 9th for a grade.

Thanks to everyone who auditioned!  It will be a fantastic show!

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Choir Parent Information – 9-6-12

We wanted to make you aware of our Make-Up Parent Meeting for any parents that missed the August 16th meeting.  It will be on September 10 from 8:30 to 9:30 PM in the Choir Room following the CHS Curriculum Night.

Please remember to bring a case of water and the students materials (ream of copy paper, Kleenex (Vivace) and pencils (Madrigals) – if your student has not done that).  You can drop off these items in the Choir Room prior to going to your student’s first class.

There will be a brief review of the CHS Choir Handbook which you can find on the website at  There will be boosters available to take payments for the New York Trip, Respira Trip, Choir Fees and other costs.

Sponsorship Information

Parents, if you are donating a sponsorship, please note that donations directed to a specific individual by a parent or parent-owned business may not qualify as a charitable contribution.  Donations made by a parent or a parent-owned business to the General Choir Booster Fund should provide a tax benefit.  Please consult your financial advisor.


Respira Rehearsals will begin at 7 PM on Monday, September 17th.  We waited to begin rehearsals so the students could settle into their schedules and get the official approval for the trip to Branson.  The trip is officially APPROVED and we are looking forward to the year ahead!  A reminder, rehearsals are Monday 7-9 PM and Thursday 5:30 – 6:45 PM.   Please see the handbook for attendance policy.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Joshua Brown and Will McLean

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